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What we look for

We aren't looking for the most popular music.
We're looking form music that challenges the form, music that asks things of the listeners, and music that's just awesome.

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Creativity, Talent, Class

Why listen to the same old music?
We place a large amount of emphasis on creativity, talent, and "class." You won't find autotuned music here, unless if it truly adds to the quality of the music.

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Difference between Encore Menu

Encore Menu is a store, this is a service.
While Ancora Musica uses Encore Menu to sell and deliver products, Ancora Musica has a much, much more rigorous acceptance program and only releases a small amount of music.

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About Submitting Music


Anyone can submit music for consideration. While we cannot respond to every submission, we will listen to the submissions and will try to find the best for you each month. We hope that most of the music on Ancora Musica will be found through our customers.
When submitting music, please just use the information listed on our contact page or e-mail us directly using the instructions on this page.
Please don't send us any files through e-mail, as it could possibly mess with our servers. A link to SoundCloud or YouTube will suffice.


How to Submit

You can submit your music to us either through our contact page or through this e-mail:

Make sure to follow these rules:

1. Don't spam us (spamming may have bad consequences for the music of your choice);
2. Don't send any files (only send links to music, so our e-mail servers don't get full or backed up);
3. Please only submit music to us once (we receive too many submissions to respond to each one);
4. If there's a specific album by the artist you'd like to get, make sure to specify it;
5. If you are a representative/member of the band (or if you are the artist) make sure to say this - it'll make communicating easier for us.
6. Do not claim that you're a representative and are able to sign an agreement if you are not in the capacity to do so. This is fraud, and presents fines and jail time in many countries.

Submitting your music to Ancora Musica or having it sold through Ancora Musica in no way transfers any copyrights, trademarks, etc. to No Logo LLC or anyone else. Selling your music on Ancora Musica is non-exclusive, and you can sell your music anywhere else before, during, and after it is on Ancora Musica.

Encore Menu

Encore Menu is designed to keep out music that isn't above a certain quality. The ability to enter the music industry has become very liberalized, which has positives and negatives.

With Encore Menu, we'll focus on getting as much great music to you as possible, while keeping the channels clear from undesirable music.

While we certainly will miss out on selling some rare gems, offering a curated store will help you find more gems much more often, and easier.

But don't worry. If we aren't offering some music that you truly enjoy, please tell us and we'll see about getting it placed on our store.