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About Ancora Musica

What is Ancora Musica?

Catered music sent to your ears every month.
We'll release an album or a couple EPs, of our choosing, every month to all subscribers. We'll focus on hard to find, creative, new music.

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How do you choose the music?

Submissions and our picks.
We've been looking around for some of the best, hiden music. Artists and customers of the service may submit music for consideration.

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Why start a music catering service?

Advancing the music industry in the internet age.
Catering services such as this exist in other industries, so we thought it was about time to bring it to music.

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About Ancora Musica

imgThis service is tied to our download store, Encore Menu. Ancora Musica is Italian for "Encore Music," so we thought it was a great choice.
We have three focuses for Ancora Musica:
1. To get great music to music lovers;
2. To give more promotion to smaller artists;
3. To bring people back into purchasing music.

We pick the music, so you can relax

We are working hard at finding some of the best music from around the world, from many genres, in many styles, and by many different people. We can't guarantee that you'll love everything we give you, but we certainly will try.

Once you pay for your subscription, you'll have access to the latest album or EPs that we've curated. The music is for you to own and download as long as our sister store, Encore Menu, is still up and running. If we have to close Encore Menu, we'll still allow customers to redownload their purchases as long as possible.

If you know of great music or make music yourself, you can submit a recommendation to us and we'll get back to you if we decide to put up your music.

DRM-Free Music, Yours to Keep

All of the music is completely DRM free and comes in MP3, FLAC, and other popular formats. You are free to redownload the files whenever you'd like.
We currently don't have a streaming app.